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Coaching Corner: What makes a good leader?

Tuesday, June 02, 2015

What makes a good leader?

Opinions vary as to what constitutes good leadership, which traits are most important, or even if leadership potential is something we are born with (or without).   One thing is for certain: leadership is critical to the success of most organisations and the lack of leadership is often the cause of their failure.

For those not born with natural tendencies, leadership traits and skills can be learned… but they will require practice and consistency to take hold.   In addition to the basic skills that are required to lead a team or an organization, a good leader needs to adopt a continuous improvement mindset.  This means taking time to look inside regularly and reflect on both strengths and areas that need development or support from others.   Awareness is critical; both internal and external.  An effective leader sees the bigger picture but also the finer details, and how the pieces fit together.

Some skills are non negotiable: communication, competence, confidence, and ability to inspire others to name a few.  But other traits that are often neglected are the very ones that make a good leader a great one.  Leaders with the ability to admit mistakes, take risks, seek advice from others, and acknowledge and use their intuition are often the ones that make a profound difference to those around them.


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