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Ho Ho Ho! Organising the Christmas Party?

Monday, September 08, 2014


Yes we know it is only September and Winter has just finished BUT have you already been asked what you are going to do for the staff Christmas Party this year?

Spring is the time to give it some thought.

A Christmas party is a great way to recognise your employees and the year’s achievements. On the flip side, if productivity or staff morale is low it is an ideal opportunity to organise some team building activities and rekindle optimism and enthusiasm. Either way your staff will appreciate your acknowledgment of them and the event’s of the year rather than them being ignored. And let’s face it …whilst many of us dread ‘team building exercises’ they can be effective and fun.

What about the cost?
Whilst any party will incur costs and you will need to commit to a budget bear in mind that it doesn’t have to be expensive to be fantastic and memorable. Your return in terms of appreciation and loyalty from staff will be worth more than any outlay.

What do we do?!
A good place to start is to gauge what staff would like by asking them for input. You might begin the process by coming up with a few ideas that they can choose from and also ask for other options. Agree to go with the majority choice.

Once you have decided what shape your staff Christmas party will take consider these planning details:

  • Be conscious that some staff may not wish to celebrate ‘Christmas’. It is essential that any type of party you hold is inclusive. Some organisations simply choose to rename the celebration
  • Choose entertainment which is appropriate and inoffensive
  • Limit the amount of alcohol on offer and ensure food is available at regular intervals
  • Make a call for volunteers or designated drivers
  • Consider asking an official photographer or staff member to take group photos with the consent of employees
  • Remind staff of your social media policy
  • If any grievances or allegations are made after the event follow your usual policy and take each complaint seriously
  • It is important to remind staff of acceptable behavior; evaluate your staff’s culture and prompt them carefully

Finally, enjoy the party!

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