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Vital Communication

Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Communication is something we learn at a very young age yet it consistently causes challenges in both our personal and professional relationships and circumstances.  None of us are immune to the odd misunderstanding or conflict, often caused by communication gone astray.

Effective communication skills require the ability to listen and speak, and to incorporate words, tone, non-verbals, and use of the various intelligences (emotional and body included).  Good communication is the glue that helps deepen your connections to others, build teamwork, improve problem solving, and performance.  Despite the importance of communication, many of us rely on the skills we adopted many years ago and can fall short in critical times.


We allow our emotions to get involved, hear things that were not in the intended message, are afraid of saying what we really want to say, and often end up taking the safe route - doing or saying nothing.  The fallout of this lack of action is that resentment can build,   efficiencies are lost, and relationships damaged. 

Viewing your communication abilities as a life long learning process is key.   Being willing and able to have vital conversations when necessary is important.  These can    reduce stress, save costs, improve performance, and even save relationships.  Good communication is about having the right balance of clarity with the right balance of action.

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